Our Products

EcoSlabs offers Cupolex® - a patented structural dome concrete floor system made of 100% recycled plastic modular elements. Each element easily interconnects to create a self-supporting structure which acts as a permanent form-work, replacing hard-fill or polystyrene. The slab is formed by structural domes, with no need for footings: just a site cut 320mm (or as per specification) below FFL, followed by a box, install and pour methodology.

Cupolex ®, is the environmental alternative to floor systems such as polystyrene (waffle pod) with an excellent thermal rating and virtually zero waste. All components are easily palletised for simple transportation, with 200m2 of components stacked on two pallets.
  • Less concrete and reinforcing required
  • Reduced waste and associated costs
  • Simple to install
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic
  • Can be fully ventilated to disperse harmful gases
  • No footings